someone get married in this please

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erdem alda dress.jpg

Photos by Vogue

I was scouring Australian site Still White with all of their second hand wedding dresses and found THIS. It’s the Erdem number that I was eyeballing so hard, but couldn’t find in my size. (My luck is shit, btw.) I had even included it in a post of wedding dresses I die for here.

I just imagine a totally cool and stylish bride frolicking in a grassy hillside being like “I GOT THIS FOR $800! HA!!!” — except she wouldn’t say that because she has class (but is most definitely thinking it).

Anyway, someone should really get married in this dress. It gives me sexy-Victorian-farm-girl vibes, but if you just swap out the beige slip for a short nude one, you can pull it off and make it uniquely yours.

where the f*ck am I?

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Photo by Joanna Skrzypczak

Holy schmoly. It’s 2016.

I’ve had the striking realization that every day I choose what I’m doing with my life. Or at the least, my attitude about life.

Lately my attitude has been: life’s good, Brooklyn is great, smile smile smile, wait, NO, FEAR OF FAILURE, OHMYGOD, OMGOMGOMG, I DON’T WANT TO GROW UP, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really wish I was one of those super cool put together girls who effortlessly flies through life with her big hair and tiny chin (I’ve been feeling self-conscious about my chin lately, okay?). But alas, I’m a normal. A normal human bean who feels normal human fear. (And — sigh — has a weird chin.)

To slap myself in the face and get back to reality (aka this deadline I’m avoiding, ha…), I’m writing down what I do when the anxieties come and seriously need to go. Because the c’est la vie motto is a little too uninspiring and sometimes you just need to skip to the next, better part, ya know?

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o, i am fur real

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shrimps ukshrimps ukshrimps ukshrimps ukshrimps uk

Moving update: Our apartment is Benjamin Button-ing. We sold most of our furniture on Craigslist except for our mattress which is now on the floor just like it was five years ago. The apartment is next level messy: a dirty bathtub, flour bugs (gross), shoes everywhere, dust bunnies where furniture used to be. It’s naked and messy, but seeing our mattress on the floor gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Since Andrew and I are moving to New York, I’m looking to add to my nonexistent winter wardrobe. I’m obsessed with these adorable coats from Shrimps. The faux fur collars and embroidered badges are pretty freaking cute, aren’t they? Gah.

things i drew — the stationery shop!

October 8, 2015 § 2 Comments

things i drew wedding stationery etsy store by amy wangthings i drew stationery etsy store custom illustration wedding stationery by amy wang

Photos by Melissa de Mata 

Dear brides,

Planning a wedding that is memorable and a true reflection of you can be really hard. There are so many cookie-cutter dresses, so many cringeworthy clichés. Is a unique, beautiful and boozey wedding without the annoying plus-one you’ve never liked too much to ask for? I can’t solve all your wedding woes, but I can help make your wedding stationery rad.

I was a serious collector of stationery when I was a kid (Fancy Box and Morning Glory were my jam) and I’d always draw doodles and play around with text in my notebooks. So, obvi—I opened a stationery shop! It’s called things i drew and it includes custom invitations, programs, menus, and calligraphy. The samples shown above are from my personal wedding stationery and I’ll be adding more to the shop after things on the moving-my-life-to-Brooklyn-I-hope-I-like-it-there front have settled down. Check out my shop HERE!

our wedding day

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© jill devries photography

Photos by Jill Devries Photography
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why beyoncé is hot and you’re not: lessons on self-worth

July 22, 2015 § 2 Comments


It’s been almost two months since I got married and went to our wedding receptions in L.A. and Canada. I know, you’re thinking, “this bitch is excessive”—but that’s not totally true. I just had the perfect excuse to eat lots of cake and go on vacation for two months—ha! Is there even a point in getting married if you don’t eat lots of cake or skip out on work?*

I’m over weddings now, obviously, and real life has settled back in (ugh). So, now that I’m back to being a normal human being (and a wife!), I want to talk about heavy discussion stuff. You know, the stuff that enlightens you, makes you realize that life is sort of tragic and you need to reevaluate your existence. That kind of stuff.

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we’re marriage’d!

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© jill devries photography

May 23rd in Tiburon, California. I loved my dress, the speeches, the blue skies, even all the late nights leading up to the day spent working on every detail—but the best part was marrying my bestie with our closest friends and family by our sides.

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really cute snail mail and other stuff

February 7, 2015 § 3 Comments

thimble cat blog em o donnel snail mail

I’ve been kind of busy lately. (Actually, it rained today, so I literally just laid around in bed scanning the IMDB pages of Saved by the Bell* actors). But really, I’ve been working three jobs. Three! And to think, in my dreams I work for zero and I’m retired, sipping on rum and cokes, watching reruns of Sex and the City while in my bed surrounded by my collection of MNZ Roberta heels in every color. I was almost living the dream (minus the shoes) and I had to go and ruin it.

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volunteering and elsewhere

December 1, 2014 § 1 Comment

untitled by Lois Ann Barnett

Since August, I’ve been volunteering at the NIAD Art Center in Richmond. Richmond isn’t exactly close (actually, it’s not close at all) and I’m terrible with commuting anywhere that isn’t within 5-minute walking distance of my apartment (going outside the apartment is sometimes a big feat in itself—#embarrassing). So why have I been volunteering?

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an interview with illustrator kt smail

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Illustration KT Smail

I recently interviewed one of my favorite illustrators ever—the illustrator of everything from fashion editorial to (s)Mythology, an extraordinary painter of flora, and the master of bespoke stationery, KT Smail. KT is a Scottish illustrator, designer, and painter based in Brooklyn, NY, whose work has been featured on DesignLoveFest (which is where I first saw KT’s work—a super cute watermelon painting that I used as my iPhone background) and Refinery29. Her illustrations are just dreamy and her bespoke wedding stationery is probably the best I’ve ever seen (see her full line of work at whatKTdoes). In this interview, KT talks about her illustrations, making mistakes, finding success in the creative industry, and her dream project.

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