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October 22, 2015 § Leave a comment

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Moving update: Our apartment is Benjamin Button-ing. We sold most of our furniture on Craigslist except for our mattress which is now on the floor just like it was five years ago. The apartment is next level messy: a dirty bathtub, flour bugs (gross), shoes everywhere, dust bunnies where furniture used to be. It’s naked and messy, but seeing our mattress on the floor gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Since Andrew and I are moving to New York, I’m looking to add to my nonexistent winter wardrobe. I’m obsessed with these adorable coats from Shrimps. The faux fur collars and embroidered badges are pretty freaking cute, aren’t they? Gah.

really cute snail mail and other stuff

February 7, 2015 § 3 Comments

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I’ve been kind of busy lately. (Actually, it rained today, so I literally just laid around in bed scanning the IMDB pages of Saved by the Bell* actors). But really, I’ve been working three jobs. Three! And to think, in my dreams I work for zero and I’m retired, sipping on rum and cokes, watching reruns of Sex and the City while in my bed surrounded by my collection of MNZ Roberta heels in every color. I was almost living the dream (minus the shoes) and I had to go and ruin it.

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August 10, 2014 § 3 Comments

Cos dress, Ananias sandals

My iPod was in a box in my closet collecting dust for years since I became a grown up and got an iPhone, but after starting a whole jog exercise thing (never say never!), I unboxed it. So, I rediscovered podcasts and saw that Aisha Tyler had her own podcast called Girl on Guy. I LOVED her in interviews I had seen and found out she’s actually so much more thoughtful when you get to really listen to her for longer than the standard punch-out-ten-jokes interview time. She interviews comedians, producers and actors for an hour and a half and ends every show with the guest’s embarrassing self-inflicted wounds story. If you’re a lost twenty something, or thirty something, or sixty something, and you like comic book nerd stuff – listen to Girl on Guy. Aisha Tyler is a hilarious comedian and she’s also hot which is totally relevant to a podcast.

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