wedding suits for the alt bride

February 9, 2016 § Leave a comment

victoria beckham.jpg

Photo by Vogue

Ya know, I should probably get a suit. I’m older now and there are a growing number of events that require professional, grown-up pants. But there’s a problem: a good suit — a really good one that has the right cut and doesn’t cost your rent — is like world peace or a god damn fashion unicorn. It’s a really nice idea, but it’s just not going to happen.

How hard is it to make a tailored jacket and a fitted pair of pants cropped just above the ankle with maybe a hint of flare without charging an arm and a leg???

casey tanswell.jpg

Photo by Casey Tanswell

I’m off topic because I’m suit-less and it’s shit, but whatever. The important thing is that these suits are hot. I never say that word, but these just look HOT, don’t they? Crisp white, great cuts, and fine tailoring. It’s Bianca Jagger’s wedding suit updated. Why get married in anything else?

Well, for one, there are basically zero cool and affordable suit options for ladies (ugh). I did find this jacket on ASOS though which I’m contemplating getting because, hello — CAPE! This tuxedo blazer from & other stories is nice too. Plus, neither would run your wallet dry. Bonus!

Photos by ASOS

I really wrote a post entirely about white suits.

Have a nice day.

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