someone get married in this please

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erdem alda dress.jpg

Photos by Vogue

I was scouring Australian site Still White with all of their second hand wedding dresses and found THIS. It’s the Erdem number that I was eyeballing so hard, but couldn’t find in my size. (My luck is shit, btw.) I had even included it in a post of wedding dresses I die for here.

I just imagine a totally cool and stylish bride frolicking in a grassy hillside being like “I GOT THIS FOR $800! HA!!!” — except she wouldn’t say that because she has class (but is most definitely thinking it).

Anyway, someone should really get married in this dress. It gives me sexy-Victorian-farm-girl vibes, but if you just swap out the beige slip for a short nude one, you can pull it off and make it uniquely yours.

where the f*ck am I?

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Photo by Joanna Skrzypczak

Holy schmoly. It’s 2016.

I’ve had the striking realization that every day I choose what I’m doing with my life. Or at the least, my attitude about life.

Lately my attitude has been: life’s good, Brooklyn is great, smile smile smile, wait, NO, FEAR OF FAILURE, OHMYGOD, OMGOMGOMG, I DON’T WANT TO GROW UP, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really wish I was one of those super cool put together girls who effortlessly flies through life with her big hair and tiny chin (I’ve been feeling self-conscious about my chin lately, okay?). But alas, I’m a normal. A normal human bean who feels normal human fear. (And — sigh — has a weird chin.)

To slap myself in the face and get back to reality (aka this deadline I’m avoiding, ha…), I’m writing down what I do when the anxieties come and seriously need to go. Because the c’est la vie motto is a little too uninspiring and sometimes you just need to skip to the next, better part, ya know?

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