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Moving update: Our apartment is Benjamin Button-ing. We sold most of our furniture on Craigslist except for our mattress which is now on the floor just like it was five years ago. The apartment is next level messy: a dirty bathtub, flour bugs (gross), shoes everywhere, dust bunnies where furniture used to be. It’s naked and messy, but seeing our mattress on the floor gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Since Andrew and I are moving to New York, I’m looking to add to my nonexistent winter wardrobe. I’m obsessed with these adorable coats from Shrimps. The faux fur collars and embroidered badges are pretty freaking cute, aren’t they? Gah.

things i drew — the stationery shop!

October 8, 2015 § 2 Comments

things i drew wedding stationery etsy store by amy wangthings i drew stationery etsy store custom illustration wedding stationery by amy wang

Photos by Melissa de Mata 

Dear brides,

Planning a wedding that is memorable and a true reflection of you can be really hard. There are so many cookie-cutter dresses, so many cringeworthy clichés. Is a unique, beautiful and boozey wedding without the annoying plus-one you’ve never liked too much to ask for? I can’t solve all your wedding woes, but I can help make your wedding stationery rad.

I was a serious collector of stationery when I was a kid (Fancy Box and Morning Glory were my jam) and I’d always draw doodles and play around with text in my notebooks. So, obvi—I opened a stationery shop! It’s called things i drew and it includes custom invitations, programs, menus, and calligraphy. The samples shown above are from my personal wedding stationery and I’ll be adding more to the shop after things on the moving-my-life-to-Brooklyn-I-hope-I-like-it-there front have settled down. Check out my shop HERE!

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