a haiku book review: it by alexa chung

September 18, 2014 § 3 Comments

alexa chung it

I was having a particularly bad day when I bought It by Alexa Chung: I mistimed my TB test so I had to pay another $20 to get a second needle in my arm, I busted my ass over a poorly paid gig on a pretty damn hot day in the Tenderloin (just being there makes any person feel extra grimey and sweaty), and USPS may have lost my package. The day was getting more annoying as it went on and it’d only been a couple hours. So I went to Anthropologie downtown unenthused to shop for the thing that USPS probably lost, and I found It instead.

I first learned about everyone’s girl crush Alexa Chung from a copy of Teen Vogue. There was a small picture of her, in an already small magazine, wearing a tweed blazer and socks with wedge sandals (a combo that 50% of Kardashian type girls hate and the other, cooler 50% l-o-v-e). This was also around when I learned how to pro stalk and Google Image Search the shit out of someone, so needless to say a little obsession grew. British It-girl, style icon, sexy weirdo, the girlfriend of the lead singer of a band, yada yada yada. Why bore you with the details you already know because she’s Alexa Chung and she’s super cool, hot, and famous and you probably stalked her at least once, too.

alexa chung it

So back to It. Instead of writing a real book review (borrriing) I wrote two haikus about it. Also, you can get a copy of It yourself on Amazon who sells it cheaper than at a bookshop.

In sunkissed room the
Birds explode in her eyes
Navy sweater hangs.

A pretty girl draws
Funny pictures of herself
Nerd’s summer leisure.


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