who I am & why I’m here

September 15, 2014 § 16 Comments

I’ve been blogging since foreverago when Geocities and Homestead were all the rage, and before IM-ing in AOL became ancient history. I discovered that not only do I like to write, but I enjoyed putting my thoughts up online (doing weird stuff in the code to make text fly and gifs dance around became more fun than playing with my lego set, a pretty big change for my 11-year-old self). Since my early blogging days, I’ve made a lot of blogs – a lot – all that I’ve closed down because of 1. embarrassment and 2. more embarrassment, but I still look back on fondly as a record of my past self.

So, who am I and why am I here?

After college, I started blogging professionally for Chictopia and Goorin Brothers, and volunteering at NIAD Art Center as a blogger. As great as it was to write professionally, it became difficult to discern what was written in my voice and what was written in the voice of a persona for “X” company. I forgot how to write for myself, which was really quite sad because you should always do what you love in a way that’s 100% you for you – not for a brand or for an audience, and not in a voice that isn’t yours.

My latest venture, Goodnight, Sleep Write, will be a record of my thoughts on fashion, writing, and whatever I like, and a way of writing for myself, fearlessly and without hesitation. And, hopefully, I’ll get to meet people who are interested in the same things as me and vice versa.

Lastly, here are the quick facts about me, bulleted for those with short attention spans:

  • My name is Amethyst and I’m a writer and blogger in San Francisco.
  • I played with legos probably way past the appropriate age.
  • I love Feist – The Mast & The Reminder album are my favorites by her.
  • I used to be very into fashion, but I’ve gone through hot and cold phases with it where it annoys the hell out of me and then it’s like “I love you, I need you, are you on sale?” It’s one of those things that will always be a part of my life.
  • I majored in Asian American Studies and minored in Comparative Literature.
  • I sometimes wish I studied film or fine arts though.
  • I was fired from my post as my high school paper’s Entertainment Editor (I didn’t know you could get fired in a high school extra curricular activity either) because I wrote an article on Butt Cleavage from low-rise jeans popping up (and out) in the fashion choices of high school girls and a news brief on how Wilmer Valderrama popped Ashlee Simpson’s cherry. I received a bag of cherries on our last news staff get-together.
  • I can’t believe Wilmer Valderrama was brought up in this post.
  • Blithe Field is rad, especially the song Duck.
  • I just saw Boyhood and I thought it was overrated.
  • I just saw Annie Hall for the first time and Oh My God she is so stylish I want to wear a tie right now.
  • I’ve read more Haruki Murakami novels than is healthy.
  • I’m getting married next May and my fiancΓ© and I are having one ceremony and three parties throughout the course of a month. We’re not Indian.
  • I’m introverted. I’m a writer so no shit.

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