lessons in denim

August 16, 2014 § 1 Comment

I’ve talked a lot about my unquenched love for denim on Chictopia. My latest denim obsession is the lazy day jeans. A little loose, high waisted, rugged and worn in. Unfortunately you can’t just drop by a Zara to get the perfect pair of everyday jeans. Not to mention that the back of a pair of high waisted jeans are the least forgiving thing on a woman.

Here’s a little denim inspo that I’ve been feeling lately. My tip to those who want to deter from the typical pair of jeans is to thrift ’em. Nothing beats the price tag on a good ol’ pair of jeans from a Goodwill. I’d also recommend checking out Beyond Retro too. Tuck in your blouse. And when your butt looks terrible in them (because it will 99% of the time), wear a good pair of heels or boots, go with a skinnier (but not skinny) leg, and wear them with an IDGAF attitude.

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