August 10, 2014 § 3 Comments

Cos dress, Ananias sandals

My iPod was in a box in my closet collecting dust for years since I became a grown up and got an iPhone, but after starting a whole jog exercise thing (never say never!), I unboxed it. So, I rediscovered podcasts and saw that Aisha Tyler had her own podcast called Girl on Guy. I LOVED her in interviews I had seen and found out she’s actually so much more thoughtful when you get to really listen to her for longer than the standard punch-out-ten-jokes interview time. She interviews comedians, producers and actors for an hour and a half and ends every show with the guest’s embarrassing self-inflicted wounds story. If you’re a lost twenty something, or thirty something, or sixty something, and you like comic book nerd stuff – listen to Girl on Guy. Aisha Tyler is a hilarious comedian and she’s also hot which is totally relevant to a podcast.

If my headphones are on, I’m probably listening to Girl on Guy. If I ever leave the house, which isn’t that often since I’m a nocturnal vampire sloth, I’m probably wearing this dress. The dress is from the shop Cos which is like a combination of Mango mixed with Jil Sander – affordable and high end-ish. I am obsessed with the simplicity of the dress and wearing this any chance I get (whether or not the SF weather allows it).

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